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 CAUTION: Experiences can result in eerie, creepy, ghoulish, frightening, scary feelings, and may send chills down your spine

sls Video

This is a sneak peak of a video we took at the old Gila County Jail in Globe Az using our SLS device.   

SLS stands for ‘Structured Light Sensor’. SLS is a scanning camera that will capture and understand the environment. The Xcam SLS is based around an advanced SLS as well as additional sensor inputs.  All of the data is gathered and displayed in real time.

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About Us



CDPInvestigations in Phoenix (Coalition of Disembodied Paranormal) has a combined 10 years of paranormal Activity and research. We are intrigued by the afterlife. We love to investigate any place allegedly haunted, as well as ghost towns, abandoned buildings, houses and urban legends. Investigations are free!

The team includes Scott Stanneart, Wendy Clark, Darren Mckee, Kevin Harford and Bryan Harford.

What We Do


We love the history of early Arizona and it's small mining towns, both long gone (ghost towns) or still thriving. We explore the history, listen to stories, both experienced or told by the older generations. We then work with these great people on raising money to help restore or repair these places. In return, we are allowed to go in and do our own investigations and share our findings with what we have experienced.

What is a Ghost?


 In traditional belief and fiction, a ghost is a manifestation of the spirit or soul of a person.  Alternative theories expand on that idea and include belief in the ghosts of deceased animals. Sometimes the term "ghost" is used synonymously with any spirit or demon, however in popular usage the term typically refers to a deceased person's spirit. 

A little insight



There is not much history to be found on the old Phelps Dodge Hospital. We know it was built in 1918 to help with the injuries from the mine. There have been serious accidents and multiple deaths that the old building has seen. It has been rumored that the spirit of a little girl as well as other lost souls still roam the hallways. People have reported seeing images of ghosts staring out of the windows. We have some experiences there as well from our investigation.



 Acadia Ranch was built 1882 by Edwin S. and Lillian Dodge. It served as a boarding house, guest ranch house, and later as a tuberculosis sanitarium for only about 13 years. Both the history and spirits here are abundant. This is one our personal favorite places to investigate. We always seem to experience something cool. We have caught foot steps, coughing, evp's & even had a spirit not so happy with our presence, and he let us know in a spirit box session.



 The Old Gila County Jail was built in 1910. This is by far our favorite place. A former prisoner named Kingsley Olds was accused of drowning his employer's two daughters in 1911. He said that they were all attacked by a mysterious man while swimming in the Salt River. As Olds awaited trial in isolation, he was mysteriously shot and killed- a mysterious person snuck into the courthouse and fired a bullet from the third floor courthouse window into his cell of Kingsley Olds.  


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